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    CLOCROC - Concrete Clocks

    Submarine Big / Small & Aviation Big / Small - The customizable wall clock series for home & office

    CLOCROC - Concrete Clocks with interchangeable hands & faces

    Station clock, Big Ben or multiple color design, CLOCROC concrete clock faces & hands could be customized in just no time...

    Every clock case is a unique single piece - Hand casted to Portland recipe, driven by a Black Forest clockwork, refined and individualized in Uptown Hamburg. Clocroc is a customizable wall clock series for home & office. Choose from a variety of face designs your favorite and add your personal set of hands - there it goes your personalized CLOCROC wall clock. The components can be replaced again and the clock always go with trends and zeitgeist.

    Concrete is a newly discovered medium for a interior design - Thanks to our wet casting process, concrete loses its rough and brittle haptic, with this sustainable building materials `` is sufficiently associated. Through specially designed molds, Clocroc clocks get their fine clock case surface which is surprisingly comfortable in your hand and whose 'patina' individually with each cast a little different comes along. Minor irregularities make each clock case

    a unique piece of art and the clockworks, made in the Black Forest provide for Deutsche Pünktlichkeit. Company logo or Coke - You want to equip your office or your catering business with clocks and faces sporting your company logo or a product claim? No problem, we will take care of printing and production. Design templates and offers on request. More...

    email: clocroc-mydesign (at) ambientshop.com

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    CLOCROC Impressions: - Stylish wall clocks for home, office and gastronomy